Call agents’ testimonials

There’s one conversation I will always remember... An elderly lady in tears told me that she had not spoken to anyone for a fortnight. She never saw her children or grandchildren. I was deeply moved by her sadness. We talked a while and I tried to encourage her. I will never forget her words at the end of the call: "You have made my day. I will always pray for you, God bless you."

I can have a really good time with people on the phone. Usually you get an older person on the line. Some of these people have been alone all day long. They are genuinely happy to be able to chat to someone.

Because I seek out emotion and try to get 'close', I often have special conversations with people. Calls that start off a bit difficult but in which you can still find an opening and eventually start a direct debit, stick with me.
What gives me the greatest satisfaction? When I know at the end of the working day that I have done my job well and that I have delivered the right message for the partner organisation in the right way.

At the beginning of the working day, I look forward to working with my favourite colleagues and closing as many direct debits as possible for our partner organisations! It works well. Once, a gentleman even decided to start a monthly gift because I have "such a sweet voice".

What’s the best thing about working at Direct Phone? The positive vibe and the conviviality! The agreeable atmosphere can be felt in our discussions with donors.

A unique experience for me was a conversation with a teacher. When I called her, she was in the middle of a lesson. After listening to me, she asked if she could put me on speakerphone to address the class. She thought it was very important and enriching for the pupils to hear about the fantastic work done by the partner organisation. I agreed and then gave all the students more information about the organisation and its projects. That was a call that stood out for me in my many years working as a call agent.
I believe my job is very meaningful. The fact that I can help our associations makes me feel useful. My work offers added value on a personal level too. It gives me great satisfaction to be part of a company that helps organisations improve the lives of people and children in need. I contribute to making the world a better place through my work as a call agent.

Generally, the conversations that leave me with a positive feeling, are ones during which I notice that the donor and I are on the same page. When there is a genuine interest in the association on his or her part and also a lot of respect for my job.
When, at the end of the working day, I have been able to start many direct debits, I feel very satisfied. Because I see that I can encourage people to do something or convince them of something - just by being myself and using my people skills - and because I help the partner organisations.

Helping people every day. That is why I work at Direct Phone. To give an example; if you can help people who need life-saving surgery, you go for it. You do everything you can to raise as many funds as possible. The other call agents and I enjoy doing that very much. It is very satisfying work at the end of the day.


  • Would you like to call your donors to thank them?
  • Would you like to invite donors who donate sporadically to give regularly by setting up a direct debit?
  • Would you like to upgrade regular donors by increasing their monthly contribution?
  • Would you like to survey your support base by means of a telephone survey or conduct a market survey?
  • Are you looking for professionals to take care of the telephone follow-up of text messages in response to a TV or radio commercial?
  • Would you like to reactivate inactive donors?
  • Do you urgently need resources following a humanitarian disaster?

Direct Phone, a sister company of Direct Social Communications bv, helps you to determine the campaign strategy, devises a suitable script, runs the telephone campaigns and closely monitors the results.

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