Non-violent communication

At Direct Phone, we believe in the power of connection. Every conversation is as personal as possible. Our call agents take the time to really listen to the donor - including to the less positive stories - and ask the appropriate questions. Our starting point is simple but sincere: the donor should be left with a warm feeling after a conversation, even if he/she could not immediately respond to a request for (additional) support.


We register the calls in our extensive online application. Organisations can listen to a conversation again on request. For example, because you received a comment or question from a donor. Or because you want to be sure that our approach and the tone of our discussions are in line with the values your association holds dear. You can consult the results of the campaign online via a dashboard that is updated on a daily basis.

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Respect for legislation and ethics

Our calls to your donors are heartfelt and sincere. Addresses with a phone number on the Don't-call-me list are removed from our files on a daily basis.

Respect for people, animals and nature

Respect for everyone is central at Direct Phone - regardless of language, culture, origin, sexual orientation or belief. We believe that everyone has positive qualities and talents. We share the values of our partner associations and work together towards a common goal: making the world a better place. We also consider it important to use eco-friendly products from fair trade in our organisation. We take specific measures to reduce our ecological footprint.