Your donors are incredibly important to your association. They provide you with the resources to fulfil your mission.

Therefore, the correct handling of their comments, questions and complaints is paramount. But not every association has the personnel or time to do this. In that case, Direct Phone will take over this task for you in a professional, donor-friendly manner.

This can be done throughout the year or during specific periods. For example, when your staff member is enjoying a well-earned holiday or is absent due to illness, during major recruitment campaigns, etc.

Regardless of how your donors contact your organisation (by phone, letter or e-mail), our donor care team will ensure a correct, friendly and prompt response on your behalf.

Sometimes, donors use the "communication" field with their donation to communicate with the association. These messages are, of course, also followed up carefully.

The donor care team also sends handwritten notes and greeting cards at your request. Such as to donors who make a large donation. Or a birthday or Christmas card.

This is how donor care becomes real donor love...

Are you interested?

Are you a DSC partner association and would you like more information about donor care? If so, contact Tine Van Hoecke. She will be delighted to answer your questions.